Swansea University


Datblygu a Chymorth Gwefannau


This team is headed by Steve Owen and is located in room 316 on the third floor of the Taliesin building.  Responsibilities of this team include the design, development, implementation and maintenance of our Intranet and associated Web based database applications. The tasks of this team involves working closely with users to understand business needs and process flow and to define technical criteria to be used in the acquisition and/or the building of web sites.  Other members of the team are located in room 318 on the third floor of the Taliesin building next to Steve.

The Intranet has been customised specifically for the delivery of internal information.  It offers a host of features such as electronic document management, publishing, database access, statistical information and many other services related to Swansea University Administration.  This system allows you to upload and download files if you have the correct permissions.

This is a controlled site so to enable you to access information displayed on our Intranet, a login prompt is displayed before any data appears. Assuming this login is successful (ie you have access to an authorised username and password),  you will see a web interface inviting you to enter the Intranet area.  Documentation which relate to functions of the Intranet will become available shortly.