Swansea University

Contact a member of the Unit.

ACU Staff can be found in the Singleton Abbey Building, the Taliesin Building or at Media Services which is located in Room 15 of the Keir Hardie Building.

Name Role Team/Section Telephone Email Location
D. Kevin Daniel Director of the Administrative Computing Unit Director 513040 email Taliesin Room 309
Paul Ackland Technician System & Technical Support 602455 email Abbey Room 28
Mary Akbari IT Trainer Software Support 513149 email Taliesin Room 209
Zoe Britnell WebMaster/site Developer Go Wales Team 513589 email Taliesin Room 318
Mary Crowley Training Officer Software Support 4719 email Taliesin Room 209
Christine Daniels Programmer/Analyst Applications & Project Development 513146 email Taliesin Room 201
Gregory Davies Programmer Application Development 295772 email Taliesin Room 312
Catherine Delli-Bovi Clerical Assistant Statistical & Management Information 295707 email Taliesin Room 310
Mike Dobbs Programmer Database & Systems Administration 295715 email Taliesin Room 305
Hugh Edghill Programmer/Analyst Application Development 295645 email Taliesin Room 312
Chris Edwards Programmer/Analyst Applications & Project Development 295723 email Taliesin Room 209
Sian Edwards Management Information Officer Statistical & Management Information 513105 email Taliesin Room 310
Julie Ferguson Statistical Analyst/Programmer Statistical & Management Information 295864 email Taliesin Room 209
Lorna Hackling

Database Clerical Assistant

Student Records Office 295800 email Abbey Room 13
Geraint Howell Programmer/Analyst Application Development 513589 email Taliesin Room 312
Alison Hutchings Administrative Assistant Student Records Office 295803 email Abbey Room 14
Steve James CRM Technical Officer SWWHEP - Project 602797 email Taliesin Room 29
Andrea John Management Information Officer Statistical & Management Information 295644 email Taliesin Room 310
Christine Jones

Database Clerical Assistant

Student Records Office 295817 email Abbey Room 13
Samantha Jones Clerical Assistant Student Records Office 513155 email Abbey Room 13
Andrew Jones Technician System & Technical Support 295268 email Abbey Room 28
Dan Lin Programmr Go Wales Team 295248 email Taliesin Room 318
Phil Martin Technician System & Technical Support 602506 email Abbey Room 28
Ian Moss Programmer SWWHEP - Project 602798 email Taliesin Room 312
Mike Oliver Database Administrator Database & System Administration 513144 email Taliesin Room 305
Stephen Owen Programmer/Analyst Application Development 513147 email Taliesin Room 316
Aled Phillips Student Records Officer Student Records Office 513143 email Abbey Room 12
Mario Rabaiotti Technical Support Officer System & Technical Support 295263 email Taliesin Room 307
Helena Rees Programmer/Analyst Applications & Project Development 513145 email Taliesin Room 201
Mark Rees Go Wales Project Officer Go Wales Team 295792 email Taliesin Room 318
Stuart Robbins Technician Systems & Technical Support 295265 email Taliesin Room 307
Rob Saddler Programmer/Analyst Application Development 513530 email Taliesin Room 312
Dan Short Technician System & Technical Support 513688 email Abbey Room 28
David M. Thomas Programmer/Analyst Applications & Project Development 513036 email Taliesin Room 201
David A. Thomas Database Administrator Database & Systems Administration 295269 email Taliesin Room 305
Kath Treharne Programmer/Analyst Application Development 602981 email Taliesin Room 312
Alex Vaughan-Morris Programmer/Analyst  SWWHEP - Project 513210 email Taliesin Room 312