jj4ag.gif (6013 bytes)  JJ4A At the harbour. A man standing on jetty, with (?) his mother.


jj9ag.gif (6279 bytes) JJ9AYoung man with mother (?) and sister (?); outside village, near windmills


jj13ac.gif (4967 bytes) JJ13A Group of 9 men with elderly widow in black with glasses (a mother?).


jj21ac.gif (5151 bytes) JJ21A Same 9 men (?), same old woman in black, sitting on hillside.


jj25ac.gif (5388 bytes) JJ25A Group of ten men, with one oldish woman in dark clothes. (cf MM8, same woman)


kk18g.gif (5672 bytes) KK18 Three adults, one boy. Young man in cap, woman, older man in cap.


mm8c.gif (8802 bytes) MM8 Young man with woman in dark dress (no head scarf), holding walking stick




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