kk4c.gif (5771 bytes) KK4 coffin on church steps, part of coffin lid visible

kk3c.gif (5704 bytes) KK3. Mourners in village square

jj33ac.gif (4398 bytes) JJ33A cortege on the way to the cemetery.

jj16ac.gif (5735 bytes) JJ16A nearer the cemetery, looking down into coffin.

hh12ac.gif (3969 bytes)HH12A Coffin en route to cemetery, policeman to left

jj14ac.gif (5379 bytes) JJ14A Coffin with ropes underneath

mm3c.gif (5181 bytes) MM3 reading a funeral oration.

jj17ac.gif (5343 bytes) JJ17A looking into cemetery, family vaults visible



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