jj3ag.gif (5752 bytes) JJ3A A group of men ready to unload supplies from the steamer.


ll15g.gif (5448 bytes)   LL15 A work party of 8 exiles carrying brushwood for fuel.


ll16g.gif (5928 bytes) LL16 Another picture of a work party of 8 exiles carrying brushwood,


ll8g.gif (5493 bytes)  LL8 A work-party of 12 carrying brushwood


jj1ag.gif (5977 bytes) JJ1A. View of terraced fields, taken from village square, Captioned on left "Anafi khorafia [Anafi fields]; Anafi khorafia 1941".


hh22ag.gif (4939 bytes) HH22A Probably offices of commune. Slogans on wall whitewashed out (?)


kk7c.gif (9949 bytes)  KK7 Men washing socks (?) at wooden trough


ll9g.gif (6411 bytes) LL9 Large group on rocks at harbour, including woman in pale dress.


ll11g1-2.gif (5848 bytes) LL11 Men outside a barrel-vaulted building, seem to be weighing something out


ll24ag.gif (4811 bytes) LL24A Man in cap and overcoat, standing on rock by sea, probably waiting for weekly steamer.


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