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NN3: Village Death register entry for Manolis Perlorentzos

Manolis Perlorentzos died on 22 February 1942. This is a photograph taken in 1988 of the village death register entry which gives "deprivation and hunger", logho steriseon ke pinis. The name, written in cursive Greek (Emmanouel Perlorentzos) can be clearly made out in the right-hand column. His place of death is given as "the house of Yakovos Roussos in the area of Ayios Kharalambos" (one of the houses rented by the commune; Ayios Kharalambos is a small chapel in the north-eastern area of the village). The name of the doctor certifying cause of death is written in as Perikles Zikas and the name of Vasilis Ghikas is given as the person providing the information; he is described as living on Anafi as a political exile, katikos Anafis os politikos eksoristos.