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Examples of three different hand-written newspapers from Anafi. Such "publications" contained serious articles, critical reviews and humour. Here are the front pages of Makhitis, the Fighter or Combattent; Antifasistas, Antifascist, and portions of Eksormisi, The Charge (as in a military engagement) and Zalongo. Some of these were produced by different sub-groups within the commune. Some of these were regionally based (exiles from Athens; from the Peloponnese; from Thessaloniki); others were ideologically based (the Communist "party fraction" produced its own newspaper). To Zálongo, literally means "The Grove", but it is containing serious articles, critical reviews and humouralso the name of a place, famous for an incident during the War of Independence when a line of women with their children danced to the edge of a cliff and one by one danced off the edge rather than be taken captive by the Ottomans. One memoir says that Zálongo was a regional publication for Epirot members of the commune. These handwritten newspapers from Anafi came to light during salvage work after a flood in the basement of the KKE building in Perissos, a suburb of Athens, in 1994. An illustrated article about them entitled "Priceless treasures are saved" appeared in the Communist newspaper Rizospastis and these pictures are reproduced from that article, with permission.