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MM5 People in front of church in village square (see HH14A)

This and HH14A  can be viewed as one continuous panoramic scene taken from the middle of the village square and looking north, from the area in front of the main village church westwards to the edge of a small chapel separated from the church by a narrow lane. Women and children are standing on the platform outside the chapel (see KK10). The area in front of these two buildings is crowded with several rows of people, part of a crowd circling the village square, which at that date was unpaved. People seem to be waiting, maybe for the speech, but possibly for music, as a saxophone player, apparently just about to play, is clearly visible in this photograph. Eight or so people to the viewer’s left of the saxophone player is the figure of a woman, identified by Irini Skalidhu as herself, looking towards the church. Her head is almost directly in line below the small window of the chapel next to the village church.