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MM2. Six men near peak of Mount Kalamos. This photo may indicate something about the amount of freedom accorded to exiles; it shows six men outdoors near the rocky summit of a mountain. The configuration of the peak suggests that it is Mount Kalamos (1476 ft, 459 metres) at the eastern end of the island. There is a steep climb to a point just below the peak where the rocks slope sheer down on both sides to the sea, described by a French botanist in 1717 as "one of the most frightening rocks in the world". This is the place where the photograph was taken. To reach the mountain from the village, the men pictured in the photograph would have had a very long walk along the south coast of the island. They may have been brought to the inlet near the foot of the mountain by boat. It is known that the commune rented fields and livestock from the monastery sited at the foot of the mountain, so police permission may have been granted to allow these men to visit the holdings.