The first 13 images (to LL12) are of the same person.

hh0ac.gif (11015 bytes) HH0A Full-length pose of young man ("the violinist"--see later)


hh2ac.gif (8708 bytes) HH2A Interior shot, same man,


hh3ac.gif (9070 bytes) HH3A. Interior shot, same young man with violin


hh4ac.gif (12717 bytes)  HH4A. Interior shot, same man, playing violin,


z5c.gif (9202 bytes) Z5 Interior shot, same man,


hh4xc.gif (11550 bytes) HH4X Interior shot, same man, with violin, taken from left side.


jj28a.gif (8676 bytes) JJ28A Interior shot, same man, no violin,


jj32ac.gif (8883 bytes) JJ32A, Interior shot, same man,


mm19c.gif (8775 bytes) MM19 Interior shot, same man, wearing suit


mm19ac.gif (9254 bytes) MM19A Interior shot, same man, same suit


mm22c.gif (9196 bytes) MM22. Same, taken from further to right


z6c.gif (9097 bytes) Z6 Same, taken from front right


z7c.gif (10798 bytes) Z7 Same man, taken outdoors (?)



ll12g1-2.gif (9458 bytes) LL12 A baby, possibly Elektra Apostolu’s daughter, Aghni


hh8ac.gif (10072 bytes) HH8A Outdoor shot of little girl, possibly Elektra Apostolu’s daughter, Aghni


jj27ac.gif (9458 bytes) JJ27A Interior, Young man in cap,.


jj29ac.gif (8578 bytes)  JJ29A Interior, man in striped suit,


jj30ac.gif (9819 bytes) JJ30A Outdoors, man standing by large agave plant,


kk21g.gif (5460 bytes) KK21 Man sitting on rock, hands folded over walking stick,


kk23g.gif (5912 bytes) KK23 Man standing straight, arms by sides, windmills, village in background


ll13g.gif (10136 bytes) LL13 Outdoors, at harbour. Young man probably standing on jetty,


ll23g.gif (5367 bytes) LL23. Outdoors, man in suit, shirt, tie. Windmills to right, village in background.


mm10c.gif (5603 bytes) MM10 Back view of man in dark underwear (?) on rocks in little cove


mm12c.gif (7942 bytes)MM12 Balding man, sitting on wall, right leg on another wall


mm12ac.gif (6981 bytes) MM12A Same balding man, looking at camera


mm13c.gif (9495 bytes) MM13 Man in striped suit (Yerolimatos?)


mm14c.gif (8729 bytes) MM14 Small man standing, indoors, protruding ears


mm15c.gif (10530 bytes) MM15 Man standing outdoors, cap on head, diamond-patterned pullover, village in background


mm17c.gif (6125 bytes) MM17 Man sitting outdoors, dark suit, right hand by chin, village in background


mm20c.gif (9121 bytes) MM20 Man in glasses with rumpled striped jacket


mm21c.gif (9697 bytes) MM21 Balding man in zip-front cardigan and diamond-patterned tie, looking straight at camera


mm23c.gif (7471 bytes) MM23 Man with digonal striped tie and protruding ears

(cf MM14)


mm24c.gif (9293 bytes) MM24 Man with glasses in jacket pocket, dark jacket, paler trousers


mm26c.gif (9329 bytes) MM26 Man standing, double breasted suit, shirt, tie


mm27c.gif (9100 bytes) MM27 Man standing, dark suit

(See  MM23 & MM14)


z2c.gif (9271 bytes) Z2 Man in neat jacket with patterned tie, smiling at camera


z3c.gif (7758 bytes) Z3 Man in double-breasted jacket, dark tie, hands clasped


z4c.gif (9420 bytes) Z4 Man standing with village in background, right foot on rock


z8c.gif (7893 bytes) Z8 Man in striped suit, taken from front and slightly below.

(See also  JJ29A & MM13 )



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