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LL7 Coffin with guard of honour, seven each side

Apostolos Apostolidhes's corpse was given a "public paying of respects", la´ko proskinema with a guard of honour in which every member of the commune who was fit enough to do so took a turn. The coffin was placed in the commune’s meeting hall which was adorned with black and red mourning crepe, krepia, wreaths and flowers. This photograph possibly shows this lying in state, although no funereal drapes are evident. The body in the coffin has hands folded on the chest, but there does not appear to be any ikon between them as would be usual in a local village funeral. The coffin is placed on a table covered by a white cloth and flanked by a guard of honour of 14 men, seven on each side. Flowers are scattered on the table and inside the coffin, together with narrow oleander leaves. Palm branches are arched over the head of the coffin, and over the window behind. Inside the arch of these a board can be made out in which only some letters and part of a date in the 1930s can be made out in the lower right hand corner. It does not appear to be the board on which the deceased’s details are given.