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LL5 Interior scene, possibly a dormitory party. This photograph shows what must surely be a scene of celebration or a dormitory party, to which all the members contributed out of their half of the state allowance. Four rows of men, 32 individuals, are posed behind a roughly-built table. It is decorated with bunches of flowers identified as a late-autumn bloom, called on Anafi varthakunia or zumbulia. The table is spread with sheets of newspaper and on it are enamel bowls which seem to contain food, mugs made out of tin-cans, and two bottles, probably of island wine. Two men are holding guitars. The back wall is decorated with greenery, probably fronds of oleander, pikrodhafni, into which have been inserted blooms of the same kind that are on the table. The central piece of greenery appears to be formed in a five-pointed star shape. A hat is hung on the wall to the left, and a dog’s face (probably "Dolfus") is just visible under the left-hand side of the table.