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LL24 Group of thirteen men on hillslope: Thirteen men are sitting on the hillside below the "Pergamili house" (the arched gateway can be seen from the other side from that in HH22A). Most men are wearing ties and three have walking sticks. They may be members of one of the committees of the commune, or a group from a particular town or locality. The man second from the left on the back row, wearing glasses and holding a walking stick is possibly Kostas Theos. Behind them, in the background, men can be seen on the terrace outside the house. There are also three men below the house; one is waving his cap. To the right, another man, possibly a villager, looks on from the terrace of another house. The remains of a Venetian fortress are visible above the village. In the top left hand corner the negative has been captioned: Anafi 20 Martiu 1938 (Anafi 20 March 1938).