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LL22 View of village square from above: This photograph gives a view from the ruined Venetian fortress above the village, looking down into the village square. The main village church is visible to the left of centre; a small chapel stands at one side of the square between two windmills, one of them in working condition. Other buildings are barrel-vaulted houses and flat roofed structures with low walls around the roofs to aid rain drain-off into cisterns. The village square is not paved; this work was carried out during the Occupation under the orders of the Italian garrison. The photograph is captioned "view of Anafi", apopsis Anafis, in the bottom left-hand corner (a four-digit date--1938?-- appears to have been scratched out) , and "Anafi 22.6.41" is written just above the centre (a number of negatives in the archive bear this particular date, which is about a month after an Italian garrison arrived on the island).