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LL19 Large group in about ten rows, outdoors on sloping hillside: This is the same group as in KK8 but the image does not have a caption. Some of group are turning and smiling as if someone made a joke. There are over one hundred people arranged in about nine rows. Most of those in the group are men. There are three women on the right in the front row, and another in the row next to the back one; she has a dark inverted triangle on the front of her dress (seeJJ7A). A few children’s faces can be seen, some of whom may be local villagers. A man one row from the back, to the left, is holding a little girl on his right arm; she is wearing a white pinafore and has a white bow in her hair. On the left edge of the group are three men in overalls with white cloths or caps. The face of another child is visible just to the right of the foremost of the three men in white caps, next to a man in a dark hat. The top of a dog’s head ("Dolfus") can be seen in the fourth row from the back, in the row where a man in a white cap is on the right. A black and white cat, Ciano, can be seen behind the cap of a man on the front row who is leaning on his left elbow.