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LL17 Two people, a woman and a man sitting apart on a hillside. This unusual, if not unique, photograph shows a woman and a man sitting several feet apart on the hillside below the village in a spot where many of the group photographs were taken. The woman is wearing a dress very similar to the one worn by Panayiota, in JJ7A, but in this picture the patch pockets sewn onto the skirt appear clearly. The neck opening is fastened high up, closing the collar. She is wearing laced shoes of the same style as those worn by Margarita Kotsaki in the bench photo, and thick dark stockings. One of my informants, who could not identify this woman, thought that she might have had tuberculosis; he believed that she had later died on another island of exile. The man is wearing a cap, a dark striped jacket and a white shirt fastened at the neck. He also appears to be wearing knee-length woollen socks pulled over his trousers. Both are looking at the camera, while behind them, a number of people, most of them wearing overcoats, are looking at them being photographed. One of the figures seems to be wearing a large white apron, suggesting one of the commune’s bakers or cooks.The distance between the figures seems to indicate that they are anxious to show that while they may be in the same photograph they are not a couple. In any case, a "twosome" picture would have been inappropriate under the commune’s rules.