hh19ag.gif (5816 bytes) HH19A Bathing party, with child


hh20ag.gif (6381 bytes) HH20A Picnic group


kk1c.gif (6193 bytes) KK1 Another picnic group


kk11g.gif (6178 bytes) KK11 Outdoor scene. Line of men and women getting ready to dance.


kk15g.gif (3588 bytes) KK15 Seaside scene. Woman and little girl, in bathing costumes, sitting on a rock.


kk6c.gif (5566 bytes) KK6 Interior. Possibly the exiles' "club-house".


ll5g.gif (5225 bytes) LL5 Interior scene, a party?. Several rows of men behind a table.


hh17ac.gif (7028 bytes) HH17A Group of 6 musicians.


mm6c.gif (11538 bytes) MM6 Four men, ready to swim?


mm2c.gif (9262 bytes) MM2. Six men near peak of Mount Kalamos.




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