KK8ofLL19-20G.gif (6028 bytes) KK8 Large group in about ten rows, outdoors on sloping hillside. Captioned "Omadha Simviosis Eksoriston Anafis, 5.11.1938"


ll19-20g.gif (5770 bytes) LL19 Same group, uncaptioned, some of group are turning and smiling as if someone made a joke.


kk10g.gif (5614 bytes) KK10 Group outside chapel in village square. Captioned Omadha Simviosis PEA (Kallitekhniko Tmima. Anafi 15.3.1938" [Commune of Political Exiles of Anafi, Artistic Section, 15 March 1938]


hh5ac.gif (10281 bytes) HH5A Two men full-length, standing outdoors,


hh7ac.gif (5207 bytes) HH7A. Group of 8 men outdoors, in two rows.


jj0ag.gif (9717 bytes) JJ0A Group of 19 sitting in steep gully, one has mandolin


jj2ag.gif (5903 bytes) JJ2A Two men standing outdoors


jj18ac.gif (9655 bytes) JJ18A Seven men


jj19ac.gif (5900 bytes) JJ19A Large group in five rows. Two women in second row.


jj20ac.gif (9705 bytes) JJ20A Seven men in two rows, three seated, one with walking stick.


jj22ac.gif (5030 bytes) JJ22A Ten men in two rows


jj23ac.gif (5442 bytes) JJ23A Eleven men in two rows


jj24ac.gif (5355 bytes) JJ24A Large group in four rows with goat and dog


jj26ac.gif (8946 bytes) JJ26A Two men outdoors, in shirts and pullovers, sitting, village in background


jj31ac.gif (5406 bytes) JJ31A Twelve people in three rows, two women in second row


kk13g.gif (5409 bytes)  KK13 Outdoors, village in background, twelve men, five of which sitting


kk14g.gif (6686 bytes) KK14 Outdoors, below village large group of men with dog


kk19g.gif (5461 bytes) KK19 Large group on hillslope, man on left with white beard, in suit with waistcoat


kk20g.gif (5641 bytes) KK20 Outdoors, seven men and a child. village in background.


kk22g.gif (6132 bytes) KK22 Three men lying on left elbows, outdoors, village in background


kk24g.gif (5266 bytes) KK24 Seven men, in village, woman in upper left corner


kkyg.gif (6073 bytes) KKY Group of men women and children sitting on steps in village


ll1g.gif (10606 bytes) LL1 Group of five men with thick clump of agave behind them; man on right has white beard, waistcoat (cf KK19)


ll2g.gif (5762 bytes) LL2 Fourteen men, four children, village in background, windmill, donkeys


ll3g.gif (4810 bytes) LL3 Four men, one with walking stick, windmills, village in background


ll17g.gif (6397 bytes) LL17 Woman and man sitting apart. Man wearing long socks(?) and cap.


 ll18g.gif (5522 bytes) LL18 two men outside village, near windmills (one is my former landlord)


ll21g.gif (6658 bytes) LL21 Four men in row, lying on right elbows, village houses in background


ll24g.gif (6095 bytes) LL24 Thirteen men on hillslope, village houses, figures in background, captioned "Anafi 20 Martiou 1938"


mm7c.gif (10097 bytes) MM7 Two men in suits, standing on terrace in village.


mm16a.gif (3771 bytes) MM16 Six men squatting on hill-top, village in background


mm18c.gif (8949 bytes) MM18 Two men, one sitting ), one standing

Same person as HH5A


mm25c.gif (8934 bytes) MM25 Same man sitting (holding walking stick), same man standing, plus another man


z12.gif (4696 bytes) Z12 Top right hand corner of group, with building in background). Looks as if camera fell over or photographer did!

(JJ24A, same people in same positions)



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