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KKX shows 16 men posing behind one long tressle table and a small desk-like table on which soup plates, mugs made out of tins, and a bunch of flowers are placed. Nine of them are standing and seven sitting at the tables. Behind them on the arched wall at the end of the barrel-vaulted room is a display of symbols and banners. In the centre is a five-pointed star balanced on one of its points. Around the star is a circle from which radiate a number of rays. Just above the star is an open book, and across the rays three banners with slogans have been placed. A long slogan runs just behind the tops of the heads of the men standing, and a section of another is visible between the heads of the three men in the centre. The top centre banner reads: ‘it is a basic duty for every political exile to work tirelessly for the raising of his ideological Marxist-Leninist level’. The slogan on the left-hand banner says: ‘We can only retain our superiority commensurate with the greatness of our sacrifices by ceaseless ideological improvement’. The one on the right contains the initials M.E. which probably stand for Educational Committee», Morfotiki Epitropi: «Following the efforts of the Educational Committee, we raise ourselves to higher theoretical and political stages». The slogan partly hidden behind the men’s heads reads: «Let us appear worthy of the great [regard?, ek(timisi), or, fulfillment?, ek(plirosi)] of [word obscured] of the hopes [of] the KKE towards us by expanding our ideological and political standard». The wording of the slogan at shoulder level is probably: «….our heroic leader Zakhariadhis….». The strong emphasis on ideology in these slogans suggests that this may well be the central committee of the Communist Party fraction among the exiles.