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KK7c Men working at a wooden trough: This is an informal, almost "candid camera" shot of three men grouped beside a low wall, around a small wooden trough, skafi, of the kind used on the island as a wash-tub, and also for mixing bread dough and combining the ingredients for making sausages. The man in the centre of the picture who can be seen full-length has his trouser legs rolled up and is barefoot. The other two men are behind the wall; they have their sleeves rolled up and one has his hands in the trough while the other has something in his hands. Behind them is another man, partly visible, also bending, probably over another trough. A man in cap and waistcoat (a local?) stands with hands on hips watching. One possibility is that they are washing socks and shirts, another is that they are cleaning vegetables, or even fish. The bare feet seem to indicate that this is wash-day and there are no spare socks. If any ironing was done, a locally available model was the kind with a hinged lid to enable it to be filled with charcoal.