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KK6 Interior. Possibly the exiles' "club-house". This indoor scene shows a house used as the dining-room or recreation-room (club-house, leskhi) of the commune. It might be the other end of the room which appears in JJ34A. Tables and stools, made from pieces of wooden packing case and local bamboo canes, fill the room. To the foreground on left, a man is reading a newspaper (the negative shows it to be Elefthero Vima). Left of centre are two men looking at a piece of paper, possibly studying. In the centre, at a small table, three people are sitting, two of them, a man and a woman, are playing chess, or possibly backgammon, while another man looks on. A shuttered window blocks light from behind them, while light comes through an open door out of shot, to the right. Another man, with his back to the camera, is sitting at a table on the right. The corner of a map or poster shows on the wall to the right of the chess-players.