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KK2 Three men on camp beds in village street, crowd around: In the spring of 1942 a new Italian colonel in charge of the Cyclades paid a visit to Anafi, after the winter of starvation and illness among the exiles (as in Athens). The most seriously ill were taken outside into the street on their bamboo beds by those still able to carry them. This photograph appears to record this moment. Three camp-beds are placed outside, with a crowd of men in overcoats looking on. The shape of the hill in the background suggests that the location is the main street of the village in the area near the coffee-houses. Each of the three camp beds contains a figure wrapped in a blanket. The figure nearest the camera has his head on a rough pillow. It is recorded that many villagers, including the priest and the chairman of the village council, also stood in the street, shouting appeals to the new governor for medical treatment and food, despite the attempted intervention of the Italian garrison and Greek police. Elektra Apostolu and Yerolimatos, two of the exiles who knew Italian, went to talk to the governor, and to press the case that the sick members of the commune required urgent medical treatment. He agreed that the most serious medical cases could be sent to the mainland to hospital. In the event, many died en route while on the steamer, and it is claimed that their bodies were thrown overboard. Twenty members of the commune are claimed to have died directly or indirectly from malnutrition and the exacerbation of other conditions caused by the hunger months.