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KK17 View of harbour and jetty from cliff above: This view of the harbour is taken from higher up the path to the village, looking down onto the harbour jetty. A barrel-vaulted building on the landward end of the jetty is just visible under the scree of the cliff. Near it three figures are standing looking into the water. Their shadows show that the time is mid-morning. A masted fishing boat is anchored just off the jetty with a smaller boat beyond it. Two rowboats are tied up in the lee of the jetty. Fishing nets, weighed down with stones, are draped over the jetty wall. Near them are two large crates next to which are two figures, possibly children. Further along the jetty is a small platform with a pole (for a light to be attached to?), against which some sacks are leaning. In the bottom right-hand corner are the words "Anafi. il porto. 4 Magio 1941" (Anafi. the harbour. 4 May 1941); to the left of centre the word "Anafi" is written in Greek with the date 22.6.41 (i.e. 22 June). (A similar confusion of dates appears on other negatives).