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KK11g Outdoor scene. Line of men and women getting ready to dance. This outdoor scene was taken some distance from the village, at a beach which local informants can identify from the carob tree, kharoupia, on the left of the picture, as a site on the south coast in the area of Kalista, near Milies. There are seventeen people in a line, preparing to dance. Some of the men in the line are wearing suits and ties, others are more informally dressed in sandals with rolled-up shirt sleeves. Two in the line of dancers are women, one wearing a dark coat over a pale dress (third from left) is looking directly at the camera, the other, in the centre of the line, is in a pale dress and wearing sunglasses. Two men are sitting on stones, or sacks, in front of the line; one, wearing a beret, is playing a guitar. A hat lies on the ground near the leader of the line (far left); jackets and a cap lie behind him, under the carob tree. Another cap rests on a tuft of flowers in the centre front of the picture. A number of sources report that the different regional groups within the commune took it in turns to organize excursions such as this.