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JJ9A Young man, possibly with two visiting female relatives; outside village, near windmills. This photo was probably taken as a memento of a family visit to an exile. Such visits were allowed if the visitor agreed to try to persuade the exile to sign a "declaration of repentance", renouncing Communism. It is an outdoor scene showing a young man standing with two women. The older woman (his mother?), wearing a headscarf, is holding a large handbag. The younger woman (his sister?) is holding a walking stick, one of the kind which is evident in other photos of groups of exiles and probably used on the rocky paths of the village and its environs. She is wearing a short-sleeved dress, or a jacket over a matching skirt, and ankle-strap two-tone shoes. They are standing to the east of the village, probably before noon (judging by the shadows). Behind them are two windmills, one ruined, the other roofed and with struts for sails. The eastern area of the village, showing the characteristic Anafiot barrel-vaulted houses, lies behind them.