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JJ7Ag Four women sitting on a bench. An outdoor shot, this shows four women sitting outdoors on a bench, probably one of those from the commune’s dining room made out of local bamboo canes and planks from packing cases. Three of the women have been firmly identified from published sources and personal knowledge of informants but the name of the fourth remains doubtful. They are (left to right) Margarita Kotsaki, described as a veteran fighter, pala´makhi agonistria, and primary school teacher, dhaskala; Panayiota (or maybe Athanasia?) Kanaria; Anastasia Nikola´dhi, a veteran tobacco-worker from Kavala, pala´makhi kapnerghatria (the dark inverted triangle on the front of her dress makes it easy to pick her out in other photographs); Athanasia Tsakiri, a silk worker from Soufli. Note that two are wearing shoes with heels, two are wearing sandals. The woman on the far left (Margarita Kotsaki) can also be seen in photo KK16. The woman on the far right (Athanasia Tsakiri) also appears in the beach scene, LL9. It is a reasonable supposition that this is the equivalent of the men’s "dormitory group" photo, and that these were probably the only women members of the commune at the time.