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JJ6A the harbour, looking towards beach from jetty: This was probably taken from the jetty looking north-east at the buildings around the harbour. On the right is a small chapel built on ground which has been partly excavated from the cliffside. Next to it is a low vaulted structure of the size and shape characteristic of a local family bone-depository, osteofilakion. Below and in front of it is an older chapel which has a cross on its roof. Two figures, one possibly that of a policeman, are standing on the shingle. Also below the chapel are some low, mainly barrel-vaulted, buildings used as boat-sheds and storehouses, magazia. Two large rowboats and a smaller one are drawn up high on the shingle. The buildings on the left are dominated by a square neo-classical style structure, whose gateway and wrought-iron gate are partially visible. This is the holiday-house of a migrant. Three barrel-vaulted boathouses and a corrugated-iron shack stand below this house. Behind the shack is a tall thin pole (possibly taking a telephone cable up to the village). Part of a rowboat is visible beyond the furthest boathouse on the left and another boat is drawn up on the shingle at the other end. The boat’s name seems to be "Katerina"