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JJ34A Interior, pictures of Lenin and Stalin: This interior shot was taken inside one of the village's characteristic barrel-vaulted houses. It might be the commune’s dining room, or its study room. Some twenty-six men are pictured, most of them sitting at tables on crudely made benches and stools made from local bamboo canes and pieces of planking from packing cases. Bunches of oleander, pikrodhafni, are fixed high up on the curve of the vaulted roof. What could be a map of Greece is attached to the right-hand wall, and coats and caps are also hung up. The end wall has pictures of Lenin and Stalin, partly framed by laurel branches. Around these pictures are four banners with slogans, the wording of which can mostly be deciphered. The one positioned top centre reads: "Long live the KKE and its leader N Zakhariadhis". The left hand banner, written by the same hand, has the slogan: "the good revolutionary does not remain satisfied with what he knows but attempts through STUDYING to equip himself perfectly", o kalos epanastatis de menei ikanopoiimenos ap'osa kserei ma prospathei MELETONTAS na eksoplistei teleiotera. The banner in the bottom centre, in a different hand, says: "First not only in education but in all displays of communal life", protoi okhi monon sti morfosi alla s'oles tis ekdeloseis tis omadikis zois; the banner to the right could not be deciphered even from the negative. The wording of two of the banners certainly suggests that this is the room used for classes and instruction.