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JJ24A Outdoors, large group in four rows with goat and dog: This photograph and JJ19A show sizeable groups of fifty or so people which may also record the "Party fraction" of the commune. In both of these, women are placed in the centre of the first seated row. One of these is Irini Skalidhu, from Volos, the other is most probably Elektra Apostolu from Athens. In this image (JJ24A) there are four rows of people, 51 in all. They are posed outdoors, near the wall of a house, and the shadow of another building cuts from left to right across the lower right of the picture. The back two rows are standing, with men in the very back row turning sideways so that they will all fit in. The front two rows are seated, with those in the first row sitting on the ground. To the extreme left of the front row is a goat, while a dog, probably "Dolfus", is lying a few feet away. To the right of centre in the seated second row are two women. The one on the left, wearing a light coloured jacket, is leaning forward slightly. She is Irini Skalidhu who identified herself in this and other photos in the archive when she talked briefly to me in 1992 about her two years in prison and subsequent exile on Anafi from March 1937. Next to her, wearing a white blouse under a belted vee-neck pullover, and sitting up straight is, most probably, Electra Apostolu. Just behind the two women is a man wearing a double-breasted jacket, with a white handkerchief in the top pocket. The man to his left appears to have a flower in his button-hole.