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JJ1A. View of terraced fields, taken from village square: This photo was taken from the edge of the village square. The neighbouring island of Santorini lies in the distance. The viewer looks west towards the areas of the island known as Vayia and Kameni. A man in a suit is standing on the right. Just behind him is a cluster of prickly pear plants, franghosika, the island’s only source of freely available fresh fruit (but renowned for their purgative properties). To the left, in the background, are steep hill terraces, with a threshing-floor just discernible on the extreme left, between two sets of terraces. On the right there are more terraced hillsides, and a track can be made out, leading along the contours. In the lower left corner are two captions in Greek, Anafi, khorafia [fields], and an identical wording with the addition of the date, 1941.