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HH22A View of village buildings, possibly used as the offices of the commune. This photograph was taken from the southern side of a path leading from the eastern end of village, and running parrallel to the main path through the village to the main square at the western endi. The photographer stood slightly below a set of walls and buildings, focusing on a group of men (most of whom are visible from the waist up). They are standing behind low walls and looking across and downwards towards the lens. This is probably the house rented by the commune for use as its offices. It is referred to locally as "the Pergamili house" (and this description also occurs in the village death register). There are two barrel-vaulted roofed buildings to the upper right. On the wall below, there appear to have been three lines of painted letters, probably slogans, or the name of the commune, which have been whitewashed out. Another whitewashed area curves over the archway above a gate in the wall, leading into a courtyard or terrace. Possibly the photographs were taken to show that slogans, house-names and symbols had been whitewashed-out on police orders.