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HH21A The jetty: This photograph was probably taken from the steep zigzag path up to the village, looking south-west, towards the uninhabited islets of Pakheia ("Fat") to the far right, and Ftena ("the Narrows") in the centre background. There are rocks on the right, the harbour jetty is glistening with spray, and large white crested waves are rolling across from the west. The negative is annotated "Anafi 1941". Nearly every account of exile life on Anafi refers to the wind, the treeless landscape, and the problems with steamer connections. The harbour could not be used when a westerly or southerly wind, garbis, was blowing and even today (when there is a deep-water jetty) the steamer has to divert to Prassa, another inlet on the northwest coast, two and a half hours’ distance from the village, when the prevailing wind is garbis.