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A villager's funeral is recorded here. The photographer must have stood on the roof of a house below the south-facing wall of the village square to take the shot. An open coffin is visible in the centre, tilted to face the camera by using the steps outside the main village church. The coffin lid, with the initials "A.D." in Greek, is held on the right by a man who is standing among children holding items from the church sanctuary. The initials of the deceased suggest an island surname such as Dhamigos or Dhrossos, and there are four or five possible first names (including Antonios, Andhreas, Aryirios) if the pool of traditional names for Anafiot men is taken into account. One of the men holding the coffin is wearing a black armband on the left sleeve of his overcoat which appears to have letters on it. Informants suggest that the dead man, who seems to be quite young, was probably unmarried. There is no obvious young widow visible, but rather, just to the left at the head of the coffin, an older woman in black, possibly the man’s mother. A young girl (the man’s sister?) is standing just behind the head of the coffin. The priest of the village church is visible, as are a number of policemen in uniform, one of whom is standing among men on the terrace outside the church doors. A number of village people in the photograph have been identified by informants with local knowledge.