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HH16A Man making speech standing on church wall

Next a member of the commune, Zisakis, described as a tobacco-worker and trade-unionist from Serres, made a speech which related the "War of Independence" to the situation faced by Greece at that moment. Several photographs in the archive record this moment, showing a man in an overcoat standing on the wall by the gate into the church with his right arm raised in an oratorical flourish. Here, a Greek flag is propped up against the gate over which has been erected a frame decorated with flowers and leaves. To the speaker’s right is a poster or a painting, framed in greenery and showing a figure in the traditional garment of the heroes of ’21, the kilt-like fustanella, together with a soldier in contemporary battle-dress and a workman in dungarees. Over their heads a female figure, Greece, or Freedom, is gesturing to lead them onwards. A man holding a guitar is standing in the front row of those just to the left of the poster. Some people are turning their heads toward the speaker, others are looking down, or toward the camera. Zisakis urged that political differences be put aside in the face of a common enemy and shared patriotism. He ended with the plea for members of the commune to be released immediately, without having to sign confessions, so that they could fight in the first line at the front.