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HH11A. Coffin on church steps.

A coffin lid with the initials AA can be seen at the top centre of the image. This photograph therefore shows the funeral of Apostolos Apostolidhes. To the right is a board giving details of the dead man. This board can be clearly seen in HH10A. It reads: "Apostolos Apostolidhes, age 38, political exile on Anafi from 3 October 1936, died 23 Feb. 1942". Just underneath this board, in front of the church, stands a young woman whose dark hair is parted in the middle. The coffin is held facing the camera, on the steps of the village church, so that the figure in the coffin is visible. The coffin has flowers and oleander leaves bunched at the foot, and there appear to be flowers scattered over the covering in which the body is wrapped. On the steps, members of the commune are standing holding wreaths around which streamers are draped bearing dedicatory messages from different groups and committees within the commune. A man on the left is holding a wreath with a ribbon on which some of the words can be made out: "the work group", To Sineryio. To the right of centre, higher up the steps, is a wreath with a ribbon reading "The youth section…. OSPEA (Commune of Political Exiles of Anafi)", oi neolei OSPEA [Omadha Simviosis Politikon Eksoriston Anafis], and to the extreme right is a wreath whose ribbon reads "The KKE…" the rest of the words show more clearly in HH10A. The men holding the foot of the coffin are wearing double-breasted dark overcoats, and the man on the left seems to have a cap pushed into the right pocket.