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HH10A Apostolidhes's  funeral procession in the village square

This photo is taken from the church steps looking south-west across the square. To the right a man holds the coffin lid with two initials (and no cross) on it. In the centre of the photo a man holds a pole supporting the board giving the dead man’s details: "Apostolos Apostolidhes, age 38, political exile on Anafi from 3 October 1936, died 23 Feb. 1942". Flowers attached to the pole partly obscure the last line of the writing. The procession of people carrying wreaths and ready to follow the coffin extends past the windmill on the south-west edge of the square back across the square to a chapel on its southern edge. The wreath dedicated to the deceased by the KKE is at the front of the procession, "The KKE to….. Apostolos Apostolidhes", to KKE ston…. Apostolo Apostolidhi. A wreath just behind it has a ribbon which appears to read "many honours (?) to the deceased", polles times (?) ston pethameno.