A short time after the arrival of the Italian garrison, orders were sent that they should prepare the members of the commune for transportation to the mainland. One rumour was that they were going to be allowed to return home, another that they would be transferred to mainland prisons and camps. In consequence, the exiles gave up all the land they were renting. Then they were told that the order for their journey had been cancelled. They soon exhausted their remaining supplies and with no state allowance being sent, they were unable to buy any provisions. They gathered wild greens and snails. Illnesses and malnutrition resulted and there were several deaths.

deathregister.gif (19275 bytes)  MK's own photo: Village Death register entry for Manolis Perlorentzos NN3



Archive photos:

hh6ac.gif (9119 bytes)  HH6A Interior, head and shoulders of man lying on back


ll6g.gif (5711 bytes)  LL6 Coffin indoors, with guard of honour, four each side

ll7g.gif (5494 bytes) LL7 Coffin with guard of honour, seven each side

mm9c.gif (5992 bytes) MM9 out of focus, coffin with two each side

hh11ac.gif (5436 bytes) HH11A. Coffin on church steps.

hh10ac.gif (5606 bytes) HH10A Apostolidhes's funeral, showing coffin lid.

kk5c.gif (5657 bytes) KK5. Apostolidhes’s funeral, wreaths

hh13ac.gif (5290 bytes)  HH13A shows the coffin

jj15ac.gif (4879 bytes) JJ15A Coffin being carried

z11.gif (5105 bytes) Z11 Apostolidhes's coffin on way to cemetery



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