Landscapes on Anafi.


hh21ag.gif (5671 bytes) HH21A The jetty


hh24ag.gif (4844 bytes) HH24A the harbour of Anafi


jj6ag.gif (5228 bytes) JJ6A the harbour, looking towards beach from jetty


jj12ag.gif (5845 bytes) JJ12A Another view of the harbour, from rocks beyond jetty. Marked "to limani. Anafi" [the harbour, Anafi].


kk17g.gif (6183 bytes) KK17 View of harbour and jetty from cliff above,


hh15ag.gif (6047 bytes) HH15A The village square


ll22g.gif (6367 bytes) LL22 Looking down into village square


mm4c.gif (5470 bytes) MM4 Village houses, looking upwards to "castro" rock, dated Anafi 22.6.41.


hh23ag.gif (5365 bytes) HH23A View of village taken from eastern side. Marked "Anafi 22. 6. 41; Anafi: il Vilagio, 4 Magio 1941; Anafi to khorio Maios 1941":


z10.gif (4079 bytes) Z10 Another view taken from some distance from village,



MK's photos of four wall-paintings by an exile in a village house:


 ee11a.gif (9476 bytes) Red-roofed houses, stream in foreground, church tower (?) in background EE11A

ee10a.gif (9534 bytes) Sail-boats on a lake, mountains in background, tree in foreground EE10A

ee8a.gif (9510 bytes) Red-roofed farm-house with trees EE8A

ee9a.gif (10018 bytes) Classical-style rotunda by lake with swans; trees EE9A


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