Centre for the Study of South Eastern Europe


These are conferences held by or associated with the C.S.S.E.E

Friends and foes: Greek Views of Turkey in Everyday Life, Memory and Imagination.
[St Peter’s College, University of Oxford. May 11, 2002.]

Anthropology, Archaeology and Heritage in the Balkans and Anatolia
or The Life and Times of  F.W. Hasluck (1878-1920)

[University of Wales, Gregynog, 3rd-6th November 2001]

Intersecting Times: "The Work of Memory in Southeastern Europe "
A Workshop
[25-28 June 2000  Clyne Castle, Swansea, Wales, UK]

Negotiating Boundaries: The Past and Present In South Eastern Europe***
[Lampeter, September 1998]
*** hosted by the Archaeology Dept. at UWL, Lampeter


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