About PhycoPigment

PhycoPigment is a collaboration of academics and industry in UK (Swansea University and Membranology Ltd) and Mexico (INECOL, Tecnológico de Monterrey and ALTESO) that aims to develop novel production-process technologies for a range of high value protein based water soluble pigments from microalgae from laboratory up to demonstration.

The resultant materials produced would be of sufficient quantities to allow for testing and assessment as a high quality additive for food and other pharmaceutical applications.

This will involve investigating microalgae production methods in a range of photobioreactors with innovative enhanced induction processes. Novel environmentally friendly extraction and purification procedures will be developed based on the use of scalable membrane technology to increase the value of the products.

The sterile final products will be as natural additives in a range of foods, beverages, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. The resultant demonstration scale process will be evaluated for its economic, social and environmental benefits as applied in Mexico and the UK and will be a firm foundation for impact in the longer term. The project is sponsored by Innovate UK and CONACYT under the Newton Mexico fund.


Contact details: Dr Carole LlewellynDr Claudio Fuentes Grunewald and Dr Alla Silkina