About MacroBioCrude

The MacroBioCrude consortium lead by Durham University has received EPSRC funding (£2.3M) to support a cross-discipline project to establish an integrated supply and processing pipeline for the sustainable manufacture of liquid hydrocarbon fuels from seaweed (or macroalgae).

CSAR will foster a seaweed hatchery, a gametophyte bank, and cultivate candidate species in constant environments to simulate seasonal growth conditions. A pilot seaweed farm was also installed in Pembroke Dock and has been seeded last November with the local sugar kelp species – Saccharine latissima. A monitoring program is currently taking place. More information on the project developments can be found here: https://algaewales.wordpress.com/?s=seaweed+farm

MacroBioCrude brings together both researchers from five universities, Durham (Chris Greenwell - Earth Sciences; Victoria Wells - Business School), Aberystwyth (Joe Gallagher - Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Studies), Swansea (Kevin Flynn - Swansea University), Greenwhich (Pat Harvey, Bioenergy/Life Sciences) and Highlands and Islands (Alan Bourhill - Marine Science and Technology), as well as industrial partners Johnson Matthey Catalysts, Davy Process Technology, Silage Solutions Ltd, Shell, CPI and CPI/Tata Steel.

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* Photographs Taken by Dr Sara BARRENTO