Industrial Project

You will already have undertaken a large project in your third year. The fourth year project is different in that it must be software or specification based, and it is delivery focussed. That is, an important part of the assessment of the project considers: have you met your original goals? It is common for projects to be linked with the work of research groups, or with the industry (usually from links arising out of our departmental placement service called IT Wales).

Group Project

The group project is designed to give advanced, realistic experience of working in teams on a software project. You will typically be working in a group of three or four, and will be required to specify, design, program and test a substantial software system. An example of such a project, undertaken by past MEng students, is to build a complete eCommerce solution for a software company, providing facilities for sales, updates and technical support.

Final Year MEng Computing Modules

A range of advanced computing modules are available to final year MEng students, commonly shared with our MSc degrees in Computing and Software Technology, and Computing and Future Interaction Technology.

Topics currently include Data Visualisation, Critical Systems, Computer Security, Interactive System design, Object-Oriented Modeling, Mobile Interaction Design, Interactive Theorem Proving, Specification Methods for Software and Hardware, Visual Computing, and Design Patterns and Generic Programming.

Business and Management

An important part of an MEng qualification is an awareness of business and industry - in fact this is required if an MEng degree is to be accredited for the educational component of Chartered Engineer status (ours is). In your final year, you will study two modules on business management and entrepreneurship.