Training courses

Staff development

The Staff Development Unit organises Workshops and Courses in Staff Development at Swansea University, and publishes a catalogue called Update.

It is expected that all staff who intend to apply for external funding will have attended the following course, which provides much useful advice, as well as up-to-date information about the procedures to be followed:

Developing Funding Bids for Grants and Contracts in Research

The following courses are particularly relevant to supervisors:

All about postgraduate research regulations and procedures

Supervising research students

Research student development

Research skills development

The Skills Development Programme organises Postgraduate Research Inductions at least twice a year and short courses held over the whole of the academic year. All students devise a personal training plan at the beginning of their programme, to ensure that they receive specialised skills development required to complete their programme of studies.

Each year, Vitae runs three National GRADschools, each of which will:

Health and safety courses for postgraduates

It is compulsory for all new graduate students to attend the session on Basic Safety, Emergency First Aid,
VDU Safety
and one of the sessions on Fire Extinguisher Safety. The dates of the next sessions are published in the catalogue of Workshops and Courses in Staff Development.


The Vitae Researchers' Portal provides links to resources for researchers, supervisors, research managers and employers.