Research projects

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This page lists the current and recent research projects which provide funding for academic staff at the Department. It also lists our main sources of funding, provides links to advice on writing applications for funding, and refers to the procedures regarding departmental approval for submitting proposals for new research projects.

Current funded projects


CORCON: Correctness by Construction
M Seisenberger (Research Exchange Scheme with partners on four continents: Europe, Asia, America, Australia), Jan 2014 – Dec 2017
£20,781 (total budget 285,000 euros), EU FP7 Marie Curie Actions IRSES
COMPUTAL: Computable Analysis – Theoretical and Applied Aspects
U Berger (Research Exchange Scheme with partners on three continents: Europe, Africa, Asia), Feb 2012 – Jan 2016
£50,860 (total budget 350,200 euros), EU FP7 Marie Curie Actions IRSES
PLanCompS: Programming Language Components and Specifications
P D Mosses (PI for Swansea part of a joint project with separate grants at Royal Holloway and City, and with project partner Microsoft Research Cambridge), Nov 2011 – Oct 2015
£695,781 (total award £1,214,025), EPSRC EP/I032495/1
Scaling the Rural Enterprise
M Jones, with researchers from Horizon Digital Economy Research at Nottingham, the Centre for Technology and Development in New Delhi, IIT Bombay, NISTADS and industrial partners including Microsoft Research India, and IBM Research Laboratory in India. Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub is the Research Lead Organisation. Sept 2011 – Aug 2014
£1,263,925 (with Nottingham), EPSRC EP/J000604/1
Faster and higher quality global illumination
M W Jones, Aug 2011 – Jul 2014
£247,013, EPSRC EP/I031243/1
NISCHR Biomedical Research Unit: Advanced Medical Image Analysis and Visualisation
X Xie (with Aberystwyth, Bangor and Cardiff), Apr 2011 – Mar 2014
£275,668 (total award £1,280,960), NISCHR
CHI+MED: Multidisciplinary Computer-Human Interaction research for the design and safe use of interactive medical devices
G R Buchanan, P Eslambolchilar, M Jones, H W Thimbleby, et al., Oct 2009 – Sep 2015
£5,792,050, EPSRC EP/G059063/1

Recent funded projects

Non-Invasive Quantification of Complex Heart Valve Lesions: A model-based approach using 3D echocardiography
X Xie (with R van Lool, Swansea), Jan 2011 – Dec 2013
£58,000, NISCHR
Bridging the Rural Divide
M Jones (PI for Swansea part of a collaborative project with a separate grant for Nottingham Mixed Reality Lab, with project partners Countryside Council for Wales, Horizon Digital Economy Hub, and Ordnance Survey), Oct 2010 – Mar 2012
£134,611, EPSRC EP/I001778/1
Overcoming the railway capacity challenges without undermining rail network safety (SafeCap)
F G Moller and M Roggenbach (with project partners AIST and Invensys Rail), Oct 2010 – Jan 2013
£369,319 (with Newcastle), EPSRC EP/I010807/1
Taking on the Teenagers – Using Adolescent Energy to Reduce Energy Use
M Jones (PI for Swansea part of a larger project with separate grants, with project partners AlertMe, E.ON Engineering Limited and University of Cambridge), Sep 2010 – Aug 2013
£254,587, EPSRC EP/I00064X/1
PATINA: Personal Architectonics Through INteractions with Artefacts
M Jones, et al., Jun 2010 – May 2013
£1,467,705 (with Bristol, Brighton, Greenwich, Newcastle, Southampton, Microsoft Research, Nokia and the Victoria and Albert Museum), EPSRC EP/H042806/1
Swansea University : Bringing People Together
H W Thimbleby, May 2010 – Apr 2013
£790,239, EPSRC EP/I00145X/1
Community-generated media for the next billion
M Jones, et al., Aug 2010 – Mar 2012
£449,681 (with Glasgow and Surrey), EPSRC EP/H042857/1
Patient specific multi-view coronary geometry and computational disease modelling
X Xie, Apr 2010 – Sep 2012
£142,543, WAG WORD Health Research Funding Scheme
IDEAS Factory – Detecting Terrorist Activities: Shades of Grey – Towards a Science of Interventions for Eliciting and Detecting Notable Behaviours
M Jones, et al., Feb 2010 – Jul 2013
£1,050,296 (multi-site), EPSRC EP/H02302X/1
CHARM: Digital technology: shaping consumer behaviour by informing conceptions of 'normal' practice
P Eslambolchilar, et al., Sep 2009 – Aug 2012
£920,134 (with Kingston), EPSRC EP/H006966/1
RIVIC: Institute of Visual Computing
M Chen (Co-director), et al., 2009 – 2013
£5,021,000 (with Aberystwyth, Bangor and Cardiff), Welsh Assembly Government
Theory and Applications of Induction Recursion
A G Setzer, Oct 2009 – Mar 2013
£104,925, EPSRC EP/G033374/1
UCLIC/FITLab PLATFORM: "Healthy interactive systems": Resilient, Usable and Appropriate Systems in Healthcare
H W Thimbleby (PI), G R Buchanan, P Eslambolchilar, M Jones, et al., Feb 2009 – Jan 2014
£375,044, EPSRC EP/G003971/1
Illuminating the Path of Video Visualization
M Chen, Feb 2009 – Jan 2013
£858,746, EPSRC EP/G006555/1
RCUK Fellowship
M Chen and J V Tucker, Oct 2006 – Sep 2012
£125,000, EPSRC EP/E500609/1
Formally-based tools for user interface analysis and design
H W Thimbleby, May 2008 – Sep 2011
£611,059, EPSRC EP/F020031/1
ISIS: Protecting children in online social networks
M Jones, Jun 2008 – Jun 2011
£33,827, EPSRC EP/F035071/1
Microsft PhD Scholarship: Digital story systems
J S Pearson, 2008 – 2010
Interactive, High-Dimensional Flow Visualization Using Image Space-Based Approaches
R S Laramee, Oct 2007 – Sep 2010
£205,545, EPSRC EP/F002335/1
British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS)
F G Moller, May 2008 – Aug 2010
£65,235, EPSRC EP/F057164/1
Multimodal, Negotiated Interaction in Mobile Scenarios
M Jones, Jun 2007 – Jun 2010
£273,604, EPSRC EP/E042171/1
Senior Leverhulme Research Fellowship
H W Thimbleby, Oct 2008 – Dec 2009
Telling the StoryBank: An Exhibit for the British Science Association, Festival of Science 2009
M Jones, Jul–Oct 2009
£16,438, EPSRC EP/H010394/1
USA research trip
H W Thimbleby, Jul–Oct 2009
£14,823, EPSRC EP/H017895/1
Processes and data
M Roggenbach, Aug 2006 – Oct 2009
£107,676, EPSRC EP/D037212/1
A state of the art information-driven health care demonstrator: Combining advanced technologies in the gastro-intestinal field
H W Thimbleby, Apr 2008 – Sep 2009
£176,183, EPSRC EP/F059116/1
Complexity of practical algorithms for Volume Rendering and Computer Graphics
B Mora, Sep 2006 – Sep 2009
£115,570, EPSRC EP/E001750/1
Abstract measures of low-level computational complexity
A Beckmann, Sep 2006 – Aug 2009
£124,993, EPSRC EP/D03809X/1
Bridging the Global Digital Divide Network
M Jones, Sep 2006 – Aug 2009
£273,604, EPSRC EP/E006418/1
Foundations of computing with continuous data: algorithms versus experiments with physical systems
J V Tucker and E J Beggs (Maths), Jan 2006 – Jun 2009
£258,042, EPSRC EP/C525361/1
Document Triage in the Information Seeking Process
G R Buchanan, Apr 2008 – March 2009
£260,700, EPSRC EP/F041217/1
Types for proofs and programs
Site members: U Berger, A M Gimblett, M Roggenbach, M Seisenberger, A G Setzer, Sep 2004 – Apr 2008
£7472, ESPRIT
British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS) 2005-2007
F G Moller, Apr 2005 – Jul 2007
£24,605, EPSRC EP/C00745X/1
Computability in Europe 2006
A Beckmann and J V Tucker, May 2006 – Jun 2007
£16,425, EPSRC EP/D061172/1
British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS) 2006
F G Moller, Apr 2006 – May 2007
£7,594, EPSRC EP/D03888X/1
An algorithmic platform for efficient satisfiability based problem solving
O Kullmann, Feb 2004 – Apr 2007
£111,440, EPSRC GR/S58393/01
Extensions of dependent type theory — induction, interaction, universes
A G Setzer, Oct 2003 – Nov 2006
£123,028, EPSRC GR/S30450/01
Constructive Volume Geometry — a fundamental modelling methodology for volume graphics
M Chen and J V Tucker, Oct 2001 – Mar 2005
£190,283, EPSRC GR/R25286/01
Domain theoretic methods for program synthesis
U Berger, Apr 2001 – Apr 2004
£62,209, EPSRC GR/R16020/01
Applying Maude to equational representations of microprocessors
N A Harman, Mar 2000 – Mar 2001
£5,830, EPSRC GR/N15955/01
Visit to SRI International: Applying Maude to equational representations of microprocessors
N A Harman, May 1999 – Jun 1999
£2,250, EPSRC GR/M82202/01
Computation with continuous datatypes
J V Tucker, Oct 1998 – Oct 1999
£8,220, EPSRC GR/M39749/01
Hierarchies of spatially extended nonlinear models of physiological systems: algorithms and applications
J V Tucker, Dec 1997 – Dec 2000
£5,755, EPSRC GR/L71544/01

Sources of funding

The main current sources of funding for our research projects are (in alphabetical order):

Advice on writing applications for funding

Approval for submitting proposals for new research projects

Members of the Department Research Committee are to advise the Head of Department regarding approval of submission of all research proposals involving staff. They are also willing to comment on drafts of applications.

Research projects that involve experiments with users requireseparate ethical approval, as described on the ethical consent procedures page.