Postgraduate research

This page provides information for current postgraduate students. Information for prospective postgraduate students is provided in the Postgraduate section of our main website.

Regulations and procedures

Dr A Beckmann gave a presentation (PDF) at the Research Away-Day (PDF) in December 2008, highlighting the main current regulations and procedures concerning supervision and progression of postgraduate studies.

University regulations and procedures

The Swansea University Academic Guide has sections with the general regulations and procedures concerning postgraduate studies at Swansea University.

See also the Department page about research training courses.

Department postgraduate progression procedures

The document Postgraduate Research Progression: Procedures and Criteria (PDF) describes specific procedures concerning postgraduate studies in Computer Science.

New procedures were introduced in September 2008. In particular, PhD and MPhil students are now required to write brief progress reports at specific stages of their studies. These progress reports should ensure that both students and supervisors can easily track the achievement of targets, and any changes in plans. PhD and MPhil students admitted before September 2008 are encouraged (but not required) to follow the new procedures.

Departmental travel and equipment funding

The Department aims to support the studies of postgraduate students to the fullest extent possible, subject to the availability of resources. It generally funds conference attendance in connection with presentation of papers or posters, as well as postgraduate training activities. It also provides computing facilities, including individual desktop computers and special hardware or software needed in connection with particular research projects.

The approval of the supervisor should be obtained before submitting a request for funding to the Head of Department. Requests should be submitted well in advance of making any commitments or bookings.