Graphics: Visual and Interactive Computing

Swansea computer scientists have made significant contributions in a broad range of subjects in visual and interactive computing. Since 1992 when it was first established, the group has grown to an internationally-visible team, which currently consists of 6 academics (R. S. Borgo, P. W. Grant, M. W. Jones, B. Mora, R. S. Laramee and X. Xie), 8 researchers, 14 PhD/MPhil students and 5 associated staff members.The group has contributed a large collection of novel techniques in the field of Volume Graphics, has made a number of significant breakthroughs in areas of Data Visualization, has brought about noticeable advances in developing Interactive Software Techniques and Tools, and recently has ventured into new interdisciplinary areas of using Intelligent Methods for Visual and Interactive Computing.

The group follows an ambitious and curiosity-driven programme to develop new algorithms and methods, as well as advanced software techniques and tools, for computer graphics, visualization and interactive systems. It has a number of ongoing collaborative research projects with scientists in the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Denmark and Austria, and is actively involved in knowledge transfer and industrial applications. The group is the main driving force of the Centre of Communication and Software Technologies, which is one of the eighteen Centres of Excellence in Wales.