Analysis of dough kneading

Dough Mixing Dough Mixing
This is a major new innovative study on the mixing and kneading of foods (dough), aimed at improving the manufacture and production of breads and biscuits, through a collaborative BBSRC three-year grant (£366K) with 5 industrial partners (see on, providing additionally £259K). The analysis involves devising numerical methods and codes for transient three-dimensional flows in partly-filled vessels with complex shapes and challenging wetting-and-peeling boundary conditions. The objective of this study is to develop enabling technology for the optimal and novel design of dough mixers, via the investigation of the relationship between rheological properties and processing conditions. This is an exemplar multidisciplinary UWINNFM study, involving rheometry at Aberystwyth, with numerical simulation, computer visualisation and multimedia studies at Swansea; it supports a number of research staff.