Please note that the list below is generated from a database. Postgraduates whose entries are missing, inaccurate or obsolete should update the database themselves. Any problems should be reported by email to the database maintainer, by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Name Position Room Extension Phone
Mr Liam G Betsworth Postgrad 503 2693 +44(0)1792 602693
Mr Gift Samuel S Devadoss Postgrad 401 4534
Mr Jonathan L Jones Postgrad
Mr Andrew J Lawrence Postgrad 402 4534
Mr Robert Palmer Postgrad 401 4534
Mr Casper Bach Poulsen Postgrad 403 6515 +44(0)1792 606515
Ms Emma Thom Postgrad 401 4534
Mr Ferdinand Vesely Postgrad 403 6515 +44(0)1792 606515
Room: Building:
2xx Faraday Building
3xx-5xx Faraday Tower