My Details

‌‌Tim NeateTim Neate
Postgraduate Student

Computer Science


Group: FIT Lab

About Me

I am currently a PhD student at the FIT Lab in the Department ofComputer Science at Swansea University. My work, which is co-supervised by Matt Jones (Swansea University) and Michael Evans (BBC Research and Development), considers the design of dual-screen television. My main interest is to design and develop new multi-screen viewing paradigms that consider further how we can utilise the affordances of the dual screen use case to enhance UX for multi-screen TV.

Areas of Expertise

  • HCI
  • TV user experience
  • multi device use cases
  • displays (auditory and visual)
  • human perception
  • general UX


For more information and a full publication list, head to my Google Scholar or my ResearchGate page.