ITWales Student and Graduate Placement Scheme

The ITWales Student and Graduate Placement scheme links the technical and organisational requirements of business and industry in Wales to the expertise and skills of Computer Science students.

The scheme is run in partnership with GO Wales and is funded by the European Union’s Convergence Fund and the Welsh Assembly Government and delivered by the universities and colleges of higher education in Wales.

It is part of a range of strategic initiatives designed to encourage and enable businesses in Wales, especially small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access and develop graduate-level skills. The scheme also enables IT Wales to be is able to work with a variety of other employers including large companies, the public sector, charities and social enterprises. Funding of the project is secured to the end of 2014.

How does the scheme work?

IT students and graduates are placed with small and large companies to carry out projects for up to 10 weeks (full-time). Undergraduate students are available to work full time during their Easter and summer holidays, while graduates are available at any time during the year.

Part time placements are also an option and this work can be arranged at any time. All placees are either studying or have graduated from a computing or IT related degree. The minimum wage is set at £250 per week, but your business may be eligible for a subsidy of up to £95 per week

Summary of benefits:

If you are a student looking to undertake a placement, or if you are a business and have an idea for an IT project that you would like a student or graduate to carry out, then please contact Liz Nash on:
Telephone: 01792 606658
email :
or register your interest online

Alternatively you can come and see us at:
Computer Science Department
Swansea University, Singleton Park,
Swansea, SA2 8PP